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How to Promote NFTs on Discord

How to Promote NFTs on Discord

Discord is a platform with multiple uses which is used by millions of users for voice and text chat. Since the introduction of its first Discord Server in 2015, Discord has been growing and attracting users from all sectors and types of vectors. NFT companies use Discord for marketing by gaining rich and feature-rich users […]

How The Value of NFT is Determined

How The Value of NFT is Determined

There is no standard for determining the value of an NFT valuation. The criteria you employ to assess private companies and conventional investment vehicles like shares are not applicable to NFTs. Typically, the amount paid out by the previous buyer provides some clues to the worth. For NFTs, it’s difficult to predict the amount the […]

Best 7 NFT Discord Servers to Join in 2022

Best 10 NFT Discord Servers to Join in 2022

If you’re an NFT fan like we are and you’re probably wondering which of the top NFT Discord servers to be following in 2022. Every Discord Server below has unique features; some are ideal for developers and artists while others are great for investors. Lastly, others are NFT specific to a particular project. We’re personally […]

Best Practical NFT Usages

7 Best Practical NFT Usages

The non-fungible tokens (NFT) are a new technology that has already witnessed numerous applications beyond the typical NFT application, which at the moment is mostly used to trade games and artworks. NFTs are able for representing physical items, digital information as well as concepts intangible such as intellectual property, too. It’s absurd to think of […]

5 Best NFT Wallet

5 Best NFT Wallet To Use

If you’re thinking of collecting and investing in tokens that are non-fungible, you’ll require an NFT wallet. An NFT wallet will be a crypto wallet that can support the blockchain protocol that NFTs are based on. It must also support the currency that you’ll purchase NFTs with, for example, Ether (CRYPTO: ETH). Because the majority […]

7 most expensive NFTs

7 Most Expensive NFTs

NFTs first emerged on the market in 2015, prompting the first indications of Web 3.0. While NFTs were around for a long time, this time, they’ve been able to gain prominence in 2021. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. They are basically tokens – typically art, which can be purchased and sold through exchanges and then […]

top 7 nft marketplace in 2022

7 Best NFT Marketplace in 2022

If you’re interested in joining the NFT trend, an NFT marketplace can be your entry point to taking part in the buying and selling of digital assets from music to art to whole virtual worlds. Consider NFT marketplaces like your Amazon for the virtual world. There are numerous NFT marketplaces that are available with a lot […]

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