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Top 5 Application of Web 3.0 in 2022

Top 5 Application of Web 3.0

Web 1.0 is known for being the first internet generation, while Web 3.0 is the third generation. The goal of web developers is to create a semantic internet that’s data-driven and can serve multiple purposes. Web 3.0 applications are growing in popularity across different industries. They use cutting-edge technologies and innovative methods to increase productivity […]

how to invest on web 3.0

How To Invest on Web3: A complete Guide

As of now, Web3 does not have an exact definition. It is instead used to describe the next phase of the World Wide Web. The goal of Web3 is a complete integration starting with machine learning and artificial intelligence through virtual reality to the blockchain. This is why Web3 offers a thrilling investment opportunity, though […]

How web3 affect Education Sector

How web3 affect Education Sector?

The rapidly evolving digital realm is evolving and acquiring different types of power, and at frequent intervals. As technology advancements in the field of web and internet progress, virtually every industry moves forward, to compete with the one which is created by the marketplace. Similar to advanced education, smart education is typically achieved via digital […]

what is web3 and why we should care it

what is web3 and why we should care it?

What is Web 3.0 (Web3)? It’s a very popular word within the realm of blockchain technology and decentralized technology however is it really a buzzword or does it mean something that we ought to be looking into?   History of the Internet? The internet in its early days was about freedom, decentralization as well as […]

How web3 change internet privacy

How Web3 Change Internet Privacy?

Web 3.0 is the next version of the internet, which we are going to use in the near future. This article will explain the ways it will alter your online privacy forever. The internet has transformed the world smaller. Although it has resulted in many positive changes privacy is now an important issue with the increasing amount […]

top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap

Top 7 Cryptocurrency By Market Cap

When it comes to talking about cryptocurrencies people always think about bitcoin, but there are around 18000 cryptocurrencies as of March 2022. In fact, cryptos that are not Bitcoin are called altcoins or alternatives to bitcoin. As bitcoin is the first major cryptocurrency that debuted in 2009, it is the most popular and its popularity […]

Benefits of web 3.0 for Business

Benefits of Web 3.0 For Business

Advancements in technology are making people more curious in this digital era.  We are becoming used to using the internet for everything in our day-to-day life and when we realize that we are not getting enough out of it we are now trying to upgrade the version of the internet. From this thought, the word […]

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