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How to Get Into The Metaverse

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how to get into the metaverse

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about the metaverse during the last few months. If you’re unsure about what it’s all about, do not worry, you’re certainly not the only one. People working in the metaverse have a disagreement regarding the definition of the word.

In this article, we’ll explain what the metaverse actually is, as well as a variety of ways you can get into it now.


What exactly is the metaverse?

Let’s first bring some clarity to what metaverse actually is.

The concept “metaverse” comes from the 1992 science fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson, “Snow Crash.” The same concept was discussed in the well-known “Ready Player One” book written by Ernest Cline, adapted as the film made by Steven Spielberg. Both novels depict dystopian future visions where people attempt to escape reality via virtual worlds.

There’s no single description of the concept that defines what the Metaverse actually is or what it could be that is beyond fiction. It is generally believed that it’s a system of virtual worlds in which people are represented by avatars. The characteristics of the metaverse are seen in current games. This includes platforms such as VRChat, Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft.


What gadget do I need to connect to the metaverse?

It doesn’t require a high-end gaming console or VR headset to explore the realm of metaphysical reality. Many virtual worlds provide cross-platform support for VR/AR hardware, desktops, and mobile devices. If you own an updated device, such as a phone or tablet running the most recent edition of your operating system as well as internet standards you are able to get access to thousands of thrilling experiences.


If you’d like to give virtual reality a go you have several choices. The most well-known independent VR platform is Meta Quest 2, which offers thousands of experiences ranging from AAA games to smaller independent productions. All you require to start is the VR headset itself. It does not require additional equipment or cables.


It’s early days for mixed or augmented reality devices. We’re probably just some years away from a reasonable and stylish pair of common AR glasses. There are some currently available mixed reality headsets such as the Microsoft HoloLens 2 or MagicLeap however, they are only available for enterprise users. All that’s available are apps that augmented reality for iOS, Android, and even mobile web browsers. If you’ve played games like Pokemon GO, you have had the pleasure of experiencing AR.


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Metaverse platforms you can enter today

There are a variety of metaverse-based platforms that you can join at this moment, including some that have millions of active users. There are some things that you can perform with the majority of the platforms.

  1. Explore them using your virtual avatar, similar to Ready Player Me.
  2. Get together with other players, or with your acquaintances.
  3. Build and own your own piece of a virtual world or create your own personal space.
  4. Show your collection of NFTs and collectibles.
  5. Take part in concerts and virtual events.

Let’s review some metaverse platforms available to test out right now.


Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an open, persistent, and social virtual reality platform that is powered through Solana as well as Ethereum blockchains. It allows you to create virtual parcels and import your NFTs and discover virtual worlds that are owned by other people. Somnium Space even has its own currency called $CUBE. Somnium Space works on the PCVR and web platforms.

How to get into the Somnium Space metaverse:

  1. Go to the Somnium Space website and click “Join SOMNIUM”. Then you will be taken into one of their hundreds of parcels available;
  2. Log in or create a Somnium Space account;
  3. Simply click on the cog icon located in the upper right corner. choose “Change Avatar”;
  4. Choose “Custom” to create or import your Ready Player Me avatar.



Portals give you the opportunity to be part of the world of metaphysics. Citizens who have Citizen Cards NFTs have their own pods that allow them to invite other users on Portals and show the status of their Solana or Ethereum NFTs. Additionally, there’s The Portals Downtown area with virtual real estate offered by brands such as Binance.US, Magic Eden, and more.

Here’s how to get into to Portals metaverse:

  1. Visit the portal. Click “Owner Login”. If you don’t have an access card, play around with the demo here.
  2. Log in using your Solana wallet, if you need it;
  3. Hit on the “Ready Player Me” button to build the avatar you want to use or transfer it.



Mona is a metaverse website that has beautiful virtual spaces made by artists. You can display and collect artwork and meet together with fellow users. You can purchase an area on Mona through OpenSea or build your own entirely from scratch. Mona organizes build-a-thons where you will be rewarded to create new spaces.

How do I get into the Mona metaverse?

  1. Visit mona. gallery;
  2. Choose any of these virtual worlds on the selection, like for instance the Ready Player Me Sky Lounge;
  3. Simply click “Avatar” or press 4 on your keyboard to create or import your Ready Player Me avatar.


The Nemesis

The Nemesis is a metaverse that includes virtual worlds including art galleries, stores games, etc. It also holds virtual conferences of various brands, such as The Non-Fungible Conference earlier this year.

How do you be able to The Nemesis metaverse:


  1. Visit thenemesis.io to download the app and then click “Play”. You may also download the app for either your Android or iOS device.
  2. Sign up or log in to gain access to all features.
  3. Hit the Escape key, then choose “Avatar” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select “Ready Player Me” and click “Modify” for editing your avatar.


Make your own 3D avatar to the metaverse.

Whatever metaverse you’re entering regardless of the metaverse you’re in, you’ll need an avatar that is 3D to portray yourself. The above-mentioned experiences, games, and apps that are developed by more than 2,000 developers use Ready Player Me. It’s the primary avatar platform in the metaverse.

Take a picture and our machine-learning algorithm will create an avatar that is exactly like you. You can also pick one of the avatars we have created and adjust it to suit your needs.

You can choose among hundreds of avatar-specific choices, including clothes from brands such as New Balance, RTFKT, and Pull&Bear, among others


Create your own metaverse

If you’re looking to build your own metaverse or create an interactive metaverse that is branded this is the perfect moment to do it. With tools such as Ready Player Me, building your own platform is simpler. You can incorporate our cross-app avatar system at no cost. To begin you must sign up to become an associate.

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