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How to Promote NFTs on Discord!

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How to Promote NFTs on Discord

Discord is a platform with multiple uses which is used by millions of users for voice and text chat. Since the introduction of its first Discord Server in 2015, Discord has been growing and attracting users from all sectors and types of vectors.

NFT companies use Discord for marketing by gaining rich and feature-rich users for their communities. This small group of individuals who have an inclination to a specific topic can be a boon for businesses.

Here’s a complete guide to getting you going on the right track to promote NFT in Discord.

Why Should You Promote NFT On Discord?

Making your first NFT can be a difficult experience. On one hand, you’re thrilled about your latest venture but on the other hand, you’re concerned about the prospect of selling your NFTs. The most effective strategies for marketing are those which spread the news about your NFTs in a short time to the right people.

Discord lets you do just this, with a few additional advantages. You can, for instance, communicate specifics of your NFT project to your followers, engage with them frequently and post your own creative content to attract their attention.

An NFT community can also aid you in creating an image that is positive for your business by bringing together investors and buyers together in one place.

Promote NFT On Discord

There are numerous tried and tested strategies to encourage NFT via Discord. Add a bit of innovation and you’ll have a sound method that is sure to yield results.


For starters, it is important to maintain your Discord community active and lively. It is possible to host a variety of events on Discord to make your community feel something to be proud of. These events can be used to advertise the upcoming NFT releases. Events like virtual exhibition events, social activities, and shilling events will add value to your business.


Another method to increase awareness of NFTs through Discord is to collaborate with content creators or influencers. Get in touch with a variety of NFT influencers to discuss your idea. Certain content creators look to collaborate with each other as well as other collaborations that are financially lucrative. Working with the right influencer can open your brand to a new segment of customers.

Community Building

This might seem contradictory when you consider the fact that Discord is all about building community. However, many companies do not invest enough time in building a long-lasting group of people in their NFTs. This is even more troubling because they don’t realize the importance of building a community for their business.


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Reasons You Need A Discord Community To Promote NFT

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Discord is all about creating communities. The features and features of the platform are centered on this one purpose. Let’s examine the reasons why your NFT brand should have the Discord community. 


Discord has wealth in personalization choices. The ideal feature is that you choose who you want to allow into your community. It is possible to create distinct labels for members in order to separate them according. For instance, you could determine which members should be granted access to specific channels, as well as assign them a specific function.


Because you limit access granted to each person by roles, it lets you give them many benefits. In particular, you could award the members who are the most active in your account with a special role or even upgrade them to improve the loyalty of your members. These upgraded levels of users will ensure that your servers remain active.


With the increasing number of customers being informed every day, you must provide value in order to build the foundation of your community. This could be accomplished by giving discounts, promotions, or hampers for members. Giving members value can also spark their interest to participate in this NFT project.

Due Diligent

Discord Communities allow you to provide a great customer experience. There is an additional channel that addresses their issues and responds to their queries. Answering questions immediately will help create a welcoming environment for your customers and will keep them interested.

How To Set Up A Discord Community?

There is no set of rules for the NFT Discord server. It is possible to customize the server depending on your preferences.


Set your community’s goals prior to starting the process of building a community. The most common goals of servers are:

  • Driving Customers to Discord
  • Share Updates
  • Build Loyalty
  • Provide support
  • Channels

To make sure that your members get the help or information they require You must create channels that are appropriately named and make them accessible. Always begin with a blank slate and then edit them according to the development.


Every community requires specific rules that they must adhere to. It is possible to establish guidelines for your community based on your company’s principles and the niche you are in. The main goal of any community is to provide a safe and collaborative environment for members.


When you’re done with the configuration, you are able to begin to promote your server on different channels. Use the built-in discovery option in Discord or conduct social media campaigns to get publicity.


Therefore, promote NFT via discord to increase sales and conversions. But, it is important to be aware of certain aspects of mind as with any other social marketing method. It is always possible to hire an expert to make sure things remain fluid and easy. If you do it right, the promotion of NFT on discord can result in an impactful brand image.


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