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Press Release or Sponsored Guest Article Which one is Best

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Press Release or Sponsored Guest Article Which one is Best

Press releases and sponsored articles are great ways to expand your reach and position of your company as an industry leader. But either Press Release or Sponsored Guest Article Which one is Best? Each content type has its purpose. It can be helpful to understand their strengths and weaknesses so that you can choose the best one for your situation.

These are the things we can help you understand and hopefully, by the end, you will be able to decide which strategy either a Press Release or Sponsored Guest Article Which one is Best.

When should you use press releases?

Press releases are used for information that is currently being presented. They are factual and have a standard structure. It is intended to be read by journalists and get their attention for reporting. Press releases are official statements of companies and journalists use them as sources of information.

This content type is used by companies when they reach milestones or partner up with other businesses. Press releases, when done correctly, can attract the attention of journalists, increasing their chances of being picked up organically. This can help build credibility.

A press release is a better option than sponsored articles because you can distill your main message into fewer words. This is not only more appealing to journalists, but it’s also easier to produce and distribute via the newswire.


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When should you use sponsored articles?

Sponsored articles are more in-depth and discuss subjective content relevant to the industry. They should still be supported by facts and adhere to the publisher’s editorial guidelines. These can take the form of articles or interviews, offering expert opinions. Cointelegraph allows you to promote your content via sponsored articles, price analysis, and use cases. Cointelegraph claims their price analysis content receives the most views. However, this placement is limited to companies in the top 200 of CoinMarketCap. A sponsored article is a great way to give insight into the industry if your company isn’t yet in the top 200. Discuss the industry’s challenges and the contributions of your company. A case study can be done and promoted in magazines.

Sponsored articles can help build a reputation as a thought leader. They are more prominent than press releases because they are more visible on news sites, are tweeted more frequently, appear on Google News, and are more often picked up by the media. Sponsored articles are different from press releases because they are unique to each outlet and sometimes have a slightly different angle.

This content type has a downside: it’s more expensive than press releases and requires more effort to produce. Sponsored articles can also be a red flag for some readers as they are paid for. Sponsored articles can still be powerful sources of visibility for your company if they are done correctly and add value to the industry.

What is in our Service?

To help you reach your goals, we have designed press releases and sponsored article packages that will make it easier. They aren’t set in stone, but they do have their limitations! These packages reflect our nature. They are flexible so you can combine press releases with sponsored articles and you can choose the outlets that appeal to you.

We are proud to say that we continue to improve our services and add partnering blockchain outlets which we believe will be more valuable for you, our customers.

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