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Best 10 NFT Discord Servers to Join in 2022

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Best 7 NFT Discord Servers to Join in 2022

If you’re an NFT fan like we are and you’re probably wondering which of the top NFT Discord servers to be following in 2022.
Every Discord Server below has unique features; some are ideal for developers and artists while others are great for investors. Lastly, others are NFT specific to a particular project.

We’re personally active participants across a variety of accounts and are able to confirm their active communities which are focused on the development of the NFT sector in general.

The majority of servers are great for people who are new to NFTs as well as unfamiliar with Discord. Be aware that the majority of Discord channels require a quick but crucial verification process before you can be admitted to every channel on the server. This verification process assists in weeding out bots or spam which could pollute the channel with unneeded chatter.

Here we’ve listed several servers to join for NFTs in 2022.


Best 10 NFT Discord Servers to Join

1. Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas is the world’s first NFT-funded cafe located in NYC.

If you’re in search of an innovative project that has practical applications, then visit the Discord channel.

The Crypto Barista’s (our project) Season 1 will launch with 60 people who love coffee with a stake in the project. Their ownership will help conceptualize and launch Cafe World’s First NFT-funded Cafe.

The owners of the Crypto Barista enjoy caffeinated perks for life in all new cafes and websites. The owners also control their own “Barista Bank,” a 15% reserve fund that is set aside from the project’s earnings to be used for the future in the coffee industry. There are a few potential benefits that the Barista Bank can support charitable organizations in the coffee industry as well as help to advance this Crypto Barista project or begin something new.


2. NFT

If you’re new to the NFT, it is recommended that you join the NFT Discord, as well as Instagram, which are excellent locations to begin. The NFT Discord has a membership of 20k and Instagram is currently averaging 500k+ followers. What’s great about these platforms Discord along with Instagram is that they are plugged into the most recent happenings within the NFT world. They are an excellent way to stay up-to-date.

Artists, the NFT Discord has an “IG Feature” channel for you to submit your work to be listed through their Instagram. The “Project” channel is an excellent place to showcase your work and develop connections with other musicians.


3. Dribble

Dribblie, the first pay-per-play cryptocurrency football app, says you the chance to earn $100 per day while doing the things you love! Play matches, collect trophies as well as completing your quests, are a few of the ways players earn money playing.

Connect to the Dribble Discord to learn more about their game and Q2 2022’s NFT release. When NFTs are distributed and the game is launched players can earn crypto through various strategies. They can first take part in PvP battles or challenges in order to win rewards.

Learn more about the initial blockchain-based game that allows players to earn money.


4. Meta Generation

Meta Generation is a new but ambitious project that is slated to be the most effective platform for education and networking within Web3.

New Web3 is Meta Generation will launch with the launch of Stage 1 of their roadmap. They’ll also produce permanent content that can assist you in navigating the world of crypto.

Experienced Web3 Veteran The aspect that is a part that is part of the Meta Generation becomes quite interesting. Meta Generation promises to be an exclusive tool for networking for those who want to collaborate with other professionals in the field. Meta Generation will be the reliable and verified source for connecting you to other like-minded people in the business.

Meta Generation is just at the beginning, but it has a solid and well-thought-out plan of action worth paying attention to.


NFT discord server


5. Enter

Enter.art can be described as an NFT marketplace that is powered by the utility token that deflations NFTART. What distinguishes Enter.art distinctive is that their emphasis on education is essential, particularly via their website. While their Discord concentrates on artists they are listed on their website, their website offers an array of useful and pertinent information to make you aware of everything NFT.


6. Rarible

Rarible has been ranked as the 2nd well-known marketplace for NFTs, but often sees the most important projects being launched there. This Rarible Market has been home to projects such as MekaVerse, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptoadz, Creature World, and, soon Crypto Baristas.

The Rarible website is a great source of educational materials, along with its Discord channel is ideal for those who are interested in NFTs (artists as well as investors as well as developers).

Rarible hosts open discussions within the “Stages” channel with topics about Rarible improvements and new features, as well as art discussions, and, often, they invite special guests.

Even if you do not have plans to launch an NFT idea on Rarible the Discord community is well worth a sign-up.


7. OpenSea

OpenSea is the biggest NFT marketplace according to volume. It also has an active Discord channel with 135k+ users. Similar to Rarible, OpenSea has endless options for people who are just beginning to get into NFTs, or developers looking to incorporate the OpenSea technology into their websites.

“OpenSea offers a world-class platform for developers that includes the API as well as SDK Developer Tutorials and API. You are welcome to explore and learn about developing smart contracts and working using NFT information.”

It is worth noting that the OpenSea Discord has a lively #News channel that streams all the information from OpenSea’s Twitter account. Apart from the News channel, OpenSea has a #Community-Help channel where members can help with general and often complicated queries.


8. Nouns

Nouns are among the most creative projects in the field and are definitely an example to be followed. If you’re a small investor, you might be unable to participate in this venture, as the price for one Noun is around 150 ETH per day. This project is an excellent one to follow because its governance and mission exceed what can be done using NFT’s.


9. Decentraland

Decentraland is an online space that has the benefit of its individual DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that transfers control to virtual space users.

Decentraland’s existence is driven by the marketplace for virtual assets in-game like the land items for wear (for players) and many other things.

If you’re new to NFT gaming this is the NFT gaming project and Discord to follow!


10. VeeFriends

VeeFriends originates the brainchild of serial businessman Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is chairman of VaynerX as well as the CEO of VaynerMedia and is the creator/owner of VeeFriends.

In simple terms, VeeFriends can be used to gain access to Gary V’s super conference, and just VeeFriends token holders can gain access.

VeeCon is the very first-ticketed NFT event in the world. VeeCon is the place where VeeFriends token holders gather in a single community to create lasting relationships, exchange ideas and experiences, and share knowledge.

It is a huge community. VeeFriends Discord community is massive as well as informative and provides information that goes beyond the VeeCon project. If you’re looking to connect with enthusiastic people who care about the development of the NFT universe then you should join the VeeFriends Discord channel is a good one to join (even if you don’t intend to attend VeeCon).


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