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How to Get Free Land on Metaverse?

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How to Get Free Land on Metaverse

The popularity of the Metaverse has led to a rise in the cost of virtual real property, which has also seen an increase in recent years. It is easy to own land in the Metaverse, which has attracted attention from all over the globe. However, it is not the same as owning land in real life.

It is evident that you will want to buy land in the Metaverse if you are looking for more income. Wouldn’t it be great to have land free of charge in the Metaverse? Isn’t it fascinating?

Even though Bitcoin is a popular store of value, it will become increasingly difficult to find digital art, and in particular, digital real estate or land.

The “metaverse,” an interactive version of the internet, allows you to play games and explore virtual realms. Facebook’s relaunch as “Meta,” was a sign of its intention to create a virtual world where people can gather, study, play, shop, and do many other activities.

To begin the process of virtual property ownership, you will need a Metaverse account. You can rent, flip, buy, and even sell virtual property with the help of the Metaverse ecosystem.


Why you should own free land in the Metaverse

Is it worth your effort and time to get a piece of free metaverse real-estate property? Although we won’t make you buy metaverse land, the following are reasons why we recommend it.


  • The majority of financial portfolios of individuals have included significant amounts of real estate in the past.
  • People who are passionate about real estate might consider a dive into virtual land, which is a lesser-known asset.
  • A virtual portfolio of real estate could be the next big thing for investors willing to invest their hard-earned money.
  • Virtual real estate is real estate that exists online but has a unique deed.
  • It’s a mix of a videogame and a social networking website. Virtual worlds can be purchased and sold at the same prices as real-world properties.


Already, the value of the metaverse’s real estate market has risen to billions of dollars. Snoop Dog and JP Morgan, HSBC, PwC, JP Morgan, and others have all purchased virtual lands within the Metaverse for varying reasons.

Investors who made their investments early are likely to reap significant benefits, at least on paper.

Decentraland and the Sandbox were two of the most powerful metaverse platforms. They used to charge less than $1,000 for the smallest plots available. This item is currently worth approximately $13,000


How you can get land on Metaverse

Although popular metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and The Sandbox, Somnium, and Cryptovoxels charge a fee for virtual land, new metaverse projects are constantly opening and offering free land as a way to grow their communities.

The deals are always there to be taken. We’ll review several websites that provide free real estate on the other side of the universe.


metaverse land


Where you can buy metaverse land?

  • Metaverser
  • Warriors of Aradena
  • Cornucopia’s
  • Next Earth

1. Metaverser

Blockchain game for multi-players Metaverser lets players manage the play of a 3D avatar based on their personal characteristics in an open-world setting You can earn money playing Metaverse.

There are airdrops on the land as well as tokens for Metaverse. Visit the site to register to participate in the airdrop. A land giveaway for free ended on the 7th of January 2022. This was the date that the airdrop was over.

Gaming and business merge in this innovative game that lets players earn money while having amusement. Gamers can gain more respect by injecting some substance to their virtual leisure activities.

Here’s how gamers are paid. To earn MTVTs and NFTs, players participate in challenges in which they play, and they are able to sell on the market or cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is a common practice to offer tokens that are non-fungible (NFTs) beyond the gaming realm.

2. Warriors of Aradena

The battle within Warriors of Aradena is won by reducing all health of the commander to zero before the timer goes out.

Players have the option of choosing from tens of thousands of fighters that fight their enemies in battle. All fighters in the game can be considered NFT assets, meaning that they are all unique and are owned by the user.

The Warrior Tokens of the kingdom of Aradena are an exclusive collection of 8000 NFTs.

In buying the Warrior it is not just purchasing an original piece of art, you’re also becoming part of the Kingdom of Aradena which comes with the entire set of benefits.

The NFT representation, as well as any future free airdrops, will remain yours only as an owner.

The Warriors of Aradena plan to create a game grounded on land strategy and will be able to create an airdrop on land for their first warriors in the quarter-finals of 2022.

3. Cornucopias

Unique aspects of Cornucopias Metaverse are islands and land that are free to use and can be constructed by players.

In themed areas such as “Farm Life,” “Wild West,” and “Age of The Samurai,” guests of all ages are able to participate in various mini-games.

Play-to-earn-earn is also appealing to youngsters who are able to earn digital currencies by playing around.

The Cardano blockchain is the backbone of the market cap of the $12 million projects.

Different in-game events will be controlled with the COPI token which gives players in the community the power to vote. In PancakeSwap, COPI can be bought.

Play-to-earn and build-to-earn and learn-to-earn features in “The Island” are built upon blockchain and let players gain and own real-world properties, land and other NFT-based assets through participation in games within a secure Metaverse.

4. Next Earth

Users can earn free land in Next Earth, one of the metaverse’s numerous portals. In this metaverse based on blockchain, users can purchase and have their own virtual world while earning wealth from the real.

Next Earth is a platform that has been created to replicate the world. Next Earth platform is an exact copy of the planet we live on. In terms of land distribution, community development and the launch of the Next Earth coin, Next Earth’s main focus will be on the next few weeks and months.

Through these steps, it is created an ecosystem that will later be a global digital platform to expand the business.

Next Earth is growing rapidly with over 200.000 NFT land parcels already in existence.

Everyone in the community is acknowledged and rewarded by the community reward system.

The prizes are all awarded by way of the unit. They’re valued at 0.1 trillion BUSD each. Order to get your hands on prizes requires joining The Next Earth Discord community first.

Additionally, they offer gratis land incentives to those who recommend people to join their Discord server.


Final Word

The investment in Metaverses could be a good idea in the near future since the Metaverse seems to be a game-changer. Since virtual reality gaming is becoming more well-known, it’s an ideal moment to make an investment or even participate in an airdrop on land.


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